As many of you know, the Royal Seal took a pretty good hit over the summer.
We blame Al Gore.

This will be a small attempt to allow you, the Internet Traveler to watch as we return the Seal to it's former glory.

BTW There's quite a few pictures on this page. I should probably split it into 2 or more pages, but I'm not gonna! If you're stuck with a dial-up connection, tough! Get a cable modem!

repair1.jpg (34642 bytes) mixins.jpg (60948 bytes) glass.jpg (74457 bytes)
The before shot. At present, I don't have one! But I'm looking.... 
A nice bash in the side, about 2 foot long, destroying the lip of fiberglass the connects the top half of the boat to the bottom half. Not an important thing at all.
Well here's the first layer of new glass in place, it'll take a few more...... Several days later.....Finally warm(ish) out.
Here's the mixin's for makin boats.
Sheets of fiberglass mat & cloth. There's some strips cut out there too. Note the professional workbench.
repair2.jpg (41630 bytes) repair3.jpg (36015 bytes) corner.jpg (36455 bytes) repair4.jpg (39091 bytes)
Several more layers of glass. Another view, there's 7 layers give or take, a few more to go. This is quickly becoming the strongest part of the boat The back corner, also getting some glass. This corner gets fixed every year. Someone want to make us a Stainless Steel corner? Another few layers....
Up to 10+/-. Pretty close to done with the rough work.
corner2.jpg (35447 bytes) repair5.jpg (43338 bytes) repair6.jpg (36992 bytes) corner4.jpg (55156 bytes)
Here's that corner again. It has quite a few layers now too.  How's that Stainless Steel coming? The big BASH, I removed the plastic dam along the bottom & started sanding (grinding.) Even I am amazed at the results! Another view, post sanding. Pretty good so far, much finish work to go. I may have sanded off a layer or 2 of glass. The corner still needs some glass, so we got some beer.
mixins2.jpg (73357 bytes) corner3.jpg (48538 bytes) bottom.jpg (48672 bytes) light.jpg (38163 bytes)
A new day, a new batch of Mixin's.  Then we added glass, the corner is getting close, still needs some more to be "square." Some minor dings on the bottom, I think from sanding too much. A little epoxy & this problem too shall disappear. Or at least we will cover it in thick bottom paint. Somebody claims to have conducted some kind of HUGE project on the bow light. I don't see anything different, I think these people had too much beer & imagined it.
busting.jpg (75428 bytes) mixins3.jpg (63721 bytes) repair7.jpg (36817 bytes) repair8.jpg (33150 bytes)
And then, well beer influenced me & I busted stuff! Minor part of the trailer, it's not needed? We're on the second set of mixin's.


We're getting somewhere now!


Now for the tough part, getting everything straight & smooth. There's only one edge that really matters, get that close & all will be well. Of course that's some 15-20 feet of straight......
dog.jpg (36086 bytes) longshot.jpg (61942 bytes) repair9.jpg (35948 bytes) mixins4.jpg (65069 bytes)
Gratuitous Bugsy shot. We're getting close! One more layer of epoxy goo, & we should have that line damn straight! The repair spot yet again.... Hard to tell where it is now huh? Well we're on the 3rd batch of mixin's! Mainly due to....
oops.jpg (60380 bytes) door.jpg (42512 bytes) repair10.jpg (44434 bytes) door2.jpg (44660 bytes)
This goof. I tried to make a really big batch of goo and it kicked over really fast, got real hot, & smoked. Very scary stuff. And here's why I was making a big batch. There was some rot along the bottom of the front door jambs. I ground out all the bad wood & started filling with epoxy. Just like Norm, or maybe it's Tom Silva that uses the epoxy, whatever. . It needed a lot! Here you see my faithful assistant sanding away.... Your daily boat pix fix. hard to tell anything changed. Just chasing some of the small imperfections. The door is progressing nicely, I cut the groove for the weather-strip today. Used 20+ cutting discs in the Dremel!
sander.jpg (21233 bytes) repair11.jpg (51418 bytes) red1.jpg (62499 bytes) red2.jpg (48206 bytes)
3M™ Stikit™ Hand File Board PN 05444 Hard, 2 3/4 in x 16 in, 1 per case
Man what a pain in the ass obtaining this thing was!
Click here to read my tale of woe.
Boat repair shot #11. Pretty much just finish sanding left! & then paint....... I'll have a Red Stripe!


A layer of glazing / spot putty. Makes a lovely stripe. Fills in the pin holes & little scratches.
almostthere.jpg (63960 bytes) masked.jpg (61296 bytes) primer1.jpg (54017 bytes) whatthe.jpg (33406 bytes)
Red stuff all sanded off. Smooth as a baby's bottom. Wipe that pig down with some acetone in the AM & we're painting! All masked off & ready for the first coat of primer. and here's said first coat! First coat of primer reveals the last remaining pinholes, therefore more red stuff. Quickie sanding tomorrow, more primer & we should be putting on the finish coat. Done by the end of the week I say! &%$#@*&^
Went out this AM, sanded off the filler & sprayed some more primer. The white primer I was using clogged up, so I switched to gray. The gray reacted with something, causing what looks like wrinkle finish in several spots! Same brand of paint? I dunno what happened. Now I wait until tomorrow, sand this crap off & try again. %&$#@*&%#%!
stepbackwards.jpg (64354 bytes) red3.jpg (64470 bytes) blowin.jpg (53510 bytes) repair14.jpg (58860 bytes)
%$@#&*% part duex
Went out this AM to sand off the evil gray primer, it definitely reacted with the white primer. Both primers were now rather "gooey". Pulled out the 36 grit paper & sanded everything away. That's right, we're back to step 5. Start the final finishing over again. I spread a thin layer of epoxy over everything & start sanding tomorrow. Weeeeeee
Sure bartender, I'll have another Red Stripe!
In fact, Red Stripes all around!
You guess what he's doing. In fact make up your own joke. Red stuff sanded off, again. Smooth & ready for primer. Feels like Monday for some reason?


repair13.jpg (39279 bytes) repair12.jpg (60160 bytes) morered.jpg (55589 bytes) redsanded.jpg (48899 bytes)
All primed up!


Another primer shot. Little more putty to hide the pinholes, another coat of primer & we're ready for the finish coat! If nothing goes wrong..... More red goo, fill in those damn pinholes!


Red stuff sanded off. Tack rag, wipe it off with acetone &&&


primedagain.jpg (56484 bytes) painted01.jpg (29205 bytes) painted02.jpg (42258 bytes) hunksoplastic.jpg (41583 bytes)
Look ma more primer! This time nothing funny happened.  Phew! Another quick shot with the red putty, primer those spots & we're slappin' on the finish coat!


And on the 456th day, Lee proclaimed, "let there be paint!" So he brought forth the sprayer & sprayed. Yup! Actually started spraying the finish layer of paint! Everything seems to be behaving, got the first 2 coats on. Let it dry, do a light sanding & another coat or 2 should do it. Except for the crap falling out of the trees, it looks pretty good. I also made these today, pretty impressive huh?


done1.jpg (36443 bytes) done2.jpg (54330 bytes) dash1.jpg (49685 bytes) done1.jpg (56556 bytes)
I dare you to point out where the damage was. If you do, you will:
1. Be Killed
2. Be drowned
3. Have to buy a summers worth of beer for the RS.
Not necessarily in that order
Damn straight, damn shiny. In fact there's gonna have to be some buffing to get the old paint close to the new. Only one pic today. Dash is progressing nicely. One thing to remember, don't use a pencil on Starboard. Ta-DAH! Rub rail back on, most of the crap cleaned out of the boat. It's done!


done2.jpg (64475 bytes) dashdone1.jpg (43224 bytes) doohickey.jpg (42817 bytes) dashdone2.jpg (42163 bytes)
Why yes, I'll have a Red Strip! This time a real one! Snazzy new dash. For security reason I cannot tell you what all the switches do.  Look! A Doo-Hickey! 8 Diodes, no waiting. Another dash shot. You can see the new dash, & cup holder. Impressed aren't you?
engine.jpg (65784 bytes) lowerunit.jpg (66669 bytes) running.jpg (63258 bytes) ding.jpg (34076 bytes)
Secret High Speed coating for the lower unit. The prop is covered to protect it's secrets as well. See, it runs! Video coming soon!
Vroom vroom!
Sunday -2/18/01  Boat launched, all went smoothly.

Ding dong, the ding is done!
Back to the scene of the crime!
Red spark plug wires add 75 HP right?